On this page you will find profiles of current members of Diverse Leadership Inc.

Erika Webb

Erika Webb Profile Photo
Erika Webb Profile Photo

Erika has a lived-experience of disability, as a person with Albinism, resulting in vision impairment. Erika hasn’t let this condition stop her from the work she is involved with.

Erika previously worked as a Contractor Records and information Manager, and in her spare time volunteered on many committees undertaking Systemic Advocacy for people with disabilities.

Erika’s expertise is in; social media, systemic and individual advocacy, policy development, administration, event planning, document management, information management, record keeping, archival documentation and libraries.

Erika is on the Board of Blind Citizens Australia, Vision Australia Library Committee, Vulnerable Road User Advisory Group for RAC WA, Disability Advisory Group and Cycling and Pedestrian Advisory Group for Main Roads WA, Disability Network Group for Dept of Transport WA, Secretary Braille Authority WA, Disability Access and inclusion Group for Perth Stadium, and Secretary of Dog Guide Handlers Australia.

Erin Marshall

Erin Marshall profile photo
Erin Marshall

Erin lives in Perth and works for the State Government of Western Australia, at the Department of Finance as an Administration Officer.

Erin has recently graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Degree in Criminology and Justice and also holds a Diploma in Community Welfare Work from West Coast TAFE.

Erin has Cerebral Palsy, which mainly affects her legs, a heart condition, which requires a permanent pacemaker and does suffer from Depression.

Erin has always taken an interest in furthering the opportunities available to disabled people. Areas such as education and employment are of particular interest to her, as are the issues of exclusion, discrimination and bullying within the work place.

In her spare time, Erin loves travelling, going to the movies, catching up with friends and reading a good book!

Greg Madson

Greg Madson Profile Photo with Nicholas his Guide Dog
Greg Madson Profile Photo with Nicholas his Guide Dog

Greg has personal experience of vision impairment. Over the past 20 years Greg has been heavily involved in advocacy and support of people with a disability in the areas of sport, the arts, recreation, transport, employment and education. While working at the University of Western Australia as an administrator from 2001 to 2014, Greg also volunteered as an Equity and Diversity Advisor for the University.

Greg has previously held a 6 year position as a member of the WA Ministerial Advisory Council for Disability and a past member of the WA NDIS Reference Group. He is currently a member of the National Disability and Carers Advisory Council.

Greg is currently President of People with Disabilities WA and President of WA Blind Sports Federation. Greg has also previously held the President position of Blind Citizens Australia, the West Australian Tandem Cycling Advisory Council and Dog Guide Handlers Australia.

Greg is currently on the board of Avivo, on the Board of the Australian Federation of disability Organisations, a member of the Lotterywest disability equipment Grant Sector Advisory Group and a past member of the City of Nedlands Access Reference Working Group. Greg has also been on the boards of the Australian blindness Forum and the Association for the Blind of WA, .

Greg’s knowledge and expertise are in the areas of information technology, accessible website development, adaptive technology (including training), public speaking, sport (competed in the Paralympics 1996 – ranked 6th in the Open Men’s Sprint – tandem cycling), business, recreation, transport, employment, education, governance and policy.

Jane Hannay

Jane Hannay Profile Photo
Jane Hannay Profile Photo

Jane has worked and volunteered in the disability field in various capacities since her teenage years, including in community access, employment and quality assurance.

Currently employed as Senior Consultant at E-QUAL (Enhancing Quality), a recent career highlight was the opportunity to take on the role of WA Facilitator for the national Leaders for Tomorrow program (2011-2014) which inspired Diverse Leadership Inc.

Jane has a degree in Social Science and a post graduate qualification in Education. She is an inaugural board member of the Canning Vale Education Support Centre (ESC), an independent public school, and is actively involved in the Canning Vale Primary School and ESC P&C.

Inspired by the diversity of our community, Jane is active in the seeking and promotion of opportunities for all people and supports the purpose of Diverse Leadership Inc professionally and personally.

Kerrie Duff

Kerrie Duff profile photo
Kerrie Duff

Kerrie’s goals are to provide leadership and mentor youth/adults with disabilities to assist them to reach their potential. She is passionate about seeking justice and rights for those whom society often overlooks or ignores and has just completed her Masters in Human Rights. Semester two saw her undertake her internship with WA Individualised Services.

Kerrie has worked and volunteered in the disability sector at state, national and international levels. She sits on numerous committees and boards, including the position of past Chair for Women with Disabilities WA and is current Vice President of People with Disability WA. Kerrie has drawn on her personal and professional experiences to speak at many conferences and has facilitated a number of workshops.

Kerrie is keen to indulge her creative juices and intends to one day write children’s books. In the meantime she focuses on patchwork, cooking and travel.

An accomplished sportswoman Kerrie has represented Australia in swimming at the: ● 1994 FESPIC, Beijing, bringing home Gold and Silver (2) ● 1984, Paralympics UK, Bronze medallist 400m freestyle ● 1982, Far Eastern & South Pacific Competition, receiving Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (2) ● 1981, First Invitational Junior Games for the Disabled, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, various medals ● National competitions & AUSSI Masters, various medals & Australian records.

Kerrie completed a Bachelor of Arts (Monash University) and recently completed her Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. She lists her specific areas of interest and expertise as: advocacy, human rights, media, women in leadership, strategic planning, branding, and -for something different- various methods and types of craft.

Laura Sewell

Laura Sewell profile photo
Laura Sewell

Laura is from Perth, and lived in shared accommodation in various forms, moving into a unit where she lived independently for 10 years before being offered a brand new unit in Westminster.

Since living there Laura has been employed by The Catholic Education Commission as an Education Assistant Special Needs. Over the last several years Laura has worked at St Kieran’s Catholic Primary School, which she absolutely loves.

Laura is on the Board of Directors and Services Committee at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP). and is involved with a number of community based organisations including People with Disabilities WA, Women with Disabilities (Inc) and the West Australian Teachers Assistant Association.

Laura has said that her experience in Leaders For Tomorrow was of great benefit to her in several ways but the one thing that she realised toward the end of the year was her strong passion for writing needed to be unleashed. Laura has written in some form or other all her life, and now Laura said she needed to use it.

Laura has said that she always wanted to write her life story but has realised the need to start on a smaller scale. Drawing on her life experience and other things she has written.

Laura now has several things on the go. At present Laura is doing a picture book for children and working on several short stories that can be read together or individually.

Leanda Syme

Leanda Syme profile photo
Leanda Syme

Leanda is the Managing Director of E-QUAL (Enhancing Quality), a WA business that works with people with disability, services and communities, to assist them to be the best they can.

Together with Hunter Tafe, E-QUAL developed and delivered the national Leaders for Tomorrow program which inspired Diverse Leadership Inc.

Leanda has four brothers, one who has a disability, and has worked in the disability sector since her first job at Activ Foundation at the age of 22. Leanda has endeavoured to increase community awareness of the potential of people with disability through working in disability employment services and with E-QUAL, and through advocating for her brother. Leanda is keen to support Diverse Leadership’s purpose both personally and through E-QUAL.

Leanda has postgraduate qualifications in psychology and education and is a Fellow of Leadership WA and a Director on the board of CommunityWest Inc. Leanda plays and coaches netball and enjoys gardening and boating.

Nihal Iscel

Nihal Iscel profile photo
Nihal Iscel

Nihal arrived in Australia with her mother and five siblings from Turkey when she was 15 years old. Her dad had come three years earlier and sponsored them.

During her high school and university years, Nihal received a lot of support from her family and wider community and always wanted to give something back to the community. However Nihal also found a lot of inequalities that people from minority groups faced. Being an advocate by nature and by profession, Nihal wanted to make a change and help break barriers for people in minority groups including people with disability from Non-English speaking backgrounds.

Nihal’s skills include:

  • Highly qualified and experienced in individual and systemic advocacy, casework and Counselling;
  • Extensive leadership and management experience;
  • Well developed problems solving, interpersonal and analytical skills;
  • Well developed skills in the provision of professional supervision to Systemic and Individual Advocates;
  • Excellent assessment skills;
  • Extensive knowledge of the disability and multicultural sectors and relevant legislations;
  • Demonstrated ability to relate to and work with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and with people with disability;
  • Demonstrated ability in organisational skills in effective time management, meeting deadlines, organising and facilitating workshops, network Meetings, consultations and conferences;
  • Demonstrated ability in report writing, conducting research.

Nihal also holds the following positions on voluntary basis:

  • Vice President – Diverse Leadership Inc
  • Management committee member of WA Fairhaven rebuilding Centre Inc
  • Member of Turkish Australian Culture House (TACH) Inc Since 1999, she has served on the management committee as the president, vice president and management committee member
  • Pass Vice President (Women’s issues) – Ethnic Communities Council of WA – 2007 – 2012 –chairing the monthly Women’s subcommittee meetings and organising forums and conferences to highlight the migrant and refugee women’s issues, challenges and achievments on the International women’s day each year

Nihal chose her professional career and leadership path carefully to be more effective in making those positive systemic changes. During her working life. Nihal had many roles in the multicultural and disability sectors including Nihal’s current role as Manager of Advocacy Services at the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre (EDAC) which involves; Individual advocacy where she takes more complex cases where a person from a migrant and refugee background with disability is discriminated against their disability, ethnicity, sexual identity, religion, etc or when and if their services are delayed or denied.

She also does systemic advocacy to improve the lives of people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds and their families/caregivers through responding to government and non-government enquiries on disability/ethnicity issues; supporting service providers to enable them to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate services when working with people with disability from CaLD backgrounds and their caregivers; provides professional support to Individual and Systemic Advocates.

Nihal also has extensive experience in supporting agencies with the reviewing and development of their Disability Inclusion and Access Plans.

Nihal’s work with EDAC will be ending on 30 June 2017 and she is looking for opportunities to further develop her professional skills.

Nihal Completed the following courses / programs:

  • Cert IV in Project Management – 2016;
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment – 2013;
  • Rising Leaders program, Leadership WA Inc. – 2013;
  • Leaders for Tommorrows – 2012 – 2013;
  • Bachellor of Psychology, Edith Cowan University – 2002;
  • Bachellor of Arts (Psychology), Edith Cowan University – 2000.

Stuart Jenkinson

Stuart Jenkinson profile photo
Stuart Jenkinson

Stuart works for People With Disabilities WA (PWdWA). he started work at PWdWA in 2002 as the Information Advocate and has held a number of different roles. Stuart’s current role is as Equity Advisor in the Systemic team.

PWdWA is a non-government organisation that provides information, individual and systemic advocacy.

In voluntary roles Stuart has been a board member of a disability employment service, as well as a committee member and vice-president of the Spina Bifida Association of WA. Stuart is currently a member of the Ministerial Advisory Council for Disability in WA.

Stuart was born and raised on a farm in the Western Australian wheatbelt. Although he now lives in the city of Perth, he maintains strong links to rural WA and has a strong interest in the services available to people with disabilities living in rural and remote WA.

Stuart is passionate about employment of people with disabilities, access to the built environment and universal design.

Tony Vardaro

Tony Vardaro profile photo
Tony Vardaro

Tony has a passion for human rights, equity and lifelong learning.

Tony has a degree in Social Work and has worked in the area of access for students and people with a disability for many years as both a volunteer and a worker, volunteering locally and nationally. He has worked with many disability focused programs over the years including funding, quality assurance, education, training, and employment.

Tony is a strong advocate for the rights of people and relished previous roles including chairperson for a local advocacy service, the chairperson for NEDA (National Ethnic Disability Advocacy) and Western Australian and National Ministerial Advisory Councils.

Tony is wanting to share his knowledge and experience with others both formally and informally. He is working towards establishing himself as a consultant and looking at opportunities to increase his current portfolio of committee memberships and developing his small business management skills.

Tony lives by his philosophy that you can never know everything about your area of interest and need to keep on learning (lifelong learning). He hopes to support others in their quest to learn and develop.

(The Late) Richard Hill

Richard Hill profile photo
Richard Hill

Richard sadly past away in 2015, was an active participant in the community, volunteering with a number of groups and committees, and had done so for more than 10 years, all the while maintaining a successful family business.

Richard was passionate about all members of our community having a voice, being heard and taking a part in shaping this great community, whatever their circumstances.

Richard received the local Community Hero Award for 2006 and was the winner of the statewide Count Us In Award for an Individual in 2008.

Developing the capacity of people with disability to act as leaders