Sync Leadership of the United Kingdom – Exploring the interplay between leadership and disability.

A group with similar aims and values as Diverse Leadership Inc.

Sync focuses on the interplay between leadership and disability, and is relevant to all leadership providers. It provides fresh perspectives and also challenges deep seated thinking about what we all can achieve in the cultural landscape.

Sync is about energising, informing and ultimately changing disabled and Deaf people’s relationship with leadership, by offering information and support, encouraging dialogue and designing leadership interventions. Its also about bringing into the spotlight the skills, experiences, techniques and approaches that come from these that are resonant to all.

Unlocking information is a crucial part of Sync so we’ve spent a bit of time reorganising Sync’s ‘stuff’ to make it easier for you to find information.

We love different perspectives, alternative takes and unexpected ways of viewing things so don’t expect to find a single answer here. And do let us know what you think of what you find. You can comment on all the stuff. Just remember that this is a forum about leadership and that your comments can be seen by everyone! We don’t want everyone to agree with everything – how dull would that be? – but instead want to really push people to see what they can appreciate about differences of opinion.

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